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Kartee is a design firm that specializes in designs for children. We provide customized design service to schools, pre-schools and play areas for children. We have a fun and quirky aesthetic and we love to use our experiences and passions to create original funky work, Through interactions with educators over the years and individual research, we have designed and developed a range of products for children that are playful and physically and mentally stimulating.

We build with love

We love what we do and it shows in our approach to any project. We really like to get into the heart of the matter. The why's and how's of each design which leads to different ideas making us think - why not and what if.

We are in it together!

We believe that great products come out of great teamwork and we work in close collaboration with all the cogs in the wheel to make a well-oiled machine. #respect #good communication.

Our 2 ecological bits

We are always aware and sensible to the fact that no matter what we do, we will leave an ecological impact on the planet. We do our best to reduce - reuse and recycle office material and work with natural materials whererever possible.

Play time!

The great upside of being in a creative field is you get to play and pretend it is work. We enjoy brainstorming new concepts and new product ideas and get into friendly arguments over how something will or won't work and go home happy.

Kartee’s Atmanirbhar Story

September 2020: The quarantine period has proved that digital spaces won’t shrink the need for toys with rise in sales of board games and puzzles. Parents resorted to these over virtual ones, to engage with their little ones during the country-wide lockdown. The physical toy will always be relevant.

We at Kartee, are focusing on developing world-class products in the kids’ sector. PM Modi stressed upon being ‘Atmanirbhar’ recently. And in his exclusive show, Mann ki Baat, he discussed regarding Made in India toys and the industry scope, especially for startups. Kartee is one such homegrown brand. We specialize in designs for children that are qualitative and quirky. We dream of becoming pioneers in this field. And our dream, in fact, has aligned so well with what India is aspiring to become.

Our products are not just fun but can also help develop problem-solving skills, conflict resolution, and nurture creativity and imagination. Kartee’s India Map puzzle is one such product. Made of pinewood, the quality is world-class and it in fact spells I-N-D-I-A. Now, what else can be more ‘Swadeshi’! The puzzle’s beauty lies in the colour, feel, and texture of its hand-polished wood pieces. The importance of such toys is their capacity to challenge the mind of a child.

Kartee is here to make sure that Indian toys are original, informative, fun, and cute. This is what our DNA is made of! So, let’s be vocal for local. And be ‘Atmanirbhar’!

Online Copy of the PostMan available for Download Now!

PostMan Issue 4 – June – July 2020

The PostMan Issue 1 – Feb 2020

PostMan Issue 3 – April – May 2020

PostMan Issue 2 – March 2020


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We create customized art and decor for children's areas. It can be in the form of a series of stories painted on a wall or creating ambience in the drama room through digital art.


Publishing was a new frontier for us and we rode through it with the PostMan - a monthly newsmagazine that covers current affairs, sudokus, wildlife and even politics. Specially curated for curious young minds with large graphics and less text.


We create educational toys and teaching aids for children. Though learning-oriented, they primarily are fun. This is where our strength as designers lies.


We design and create pure cotton quilts in utterly cute designs. The material is beautifully soft to touch and easy to care for.

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Sangeeta Oak
Sangeeta Oak
Founder and CEO
Aless Menezes
Aless Menezes
Sales and Marketing
Harshal Rajdeo
Harshal Rajdeo
Product Designer
Vinit Niphadkar
Vinit Niphadkar
Graphic Designer
Saniya Bhat
Saniya Bhat
Digital Marketing

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  • I am very happy with the unique and creative solutions to problems that Kartee's team came up with and we look forward to our continued engagement

    Monalisa Jain
    Monalisa Jain
    Founder, Wow preschool, Bangalore
  • Kartee came up with wall art, signages and content that has resonated with not just our students but also our faculty. Thank you team Kartee.

    Sister Sylvia
    Principal, St Anne's High School and Junior College

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