Kids love playing in the kitchen. All kids. Boys too. And why wouldn’t they? There is so much to see, touch, taste and smell. Right since their toddler days, when they are knee high and can’t ‘see’ what’s the action, to when they are able to clamber on top of chairs and tables, the kitchen is an exciting place to be.

As they grow older, they start exploring cooking. Starting with making lemon juice to making sandwiches. I actively encourage my son to participate in the cooking. At age 11, I let him use the gas too. Though under supervision. He loves cooking scrambled eggs which makes a scrambled mess. But I love his enthusiam and the sense of accomplishment he gets.

Kartee has designed cute red and white aprons for li’l MasterChefs. They feature an intense battle that will catch their attention. And best of all, the aprons are designed to have no knots. Even your 4 year old can feel oh-so-important. Lemon Juice anyone?

Cooking up a storm

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